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Get to know SUNS

Each pair comes with a UV keychain light?

Want to have fun indoors too? Every pair of SUNS comes with a UV keychain light that can be used to temporarily “customize” or “draw” on the shoes again and again! The UV rays of the light activate the light sensitive dyes used in the same way sunshine does. We can’t wait to see what cool ways you’ll customize your shoes, so please share your creations on Instagram with #mysuns!

Want additional lights? Order them here.

What’s with the stickers in the box?

Our mission at SUNS is about more than stylish footwear – it’s about brightening people’s day and trying to make the world a little bit better for everyone. Also, we just like stickers. They’re fun, so we thought it would be nice to include a bunch of them in each shoebox. To learn more about our mission and how to join our community of positivity, check our SHINE page.

Are SUNS shoes safe?

We care about you and the world we share, so we took care to ensure that all our footwear is made of an eco-friendly non-toxic color change material. In fact, all components in our footwear meet the stringent California Prop 65 mandate for ensuring no harmful materials are used in children’s footwear. In short, we’ve worked hard to help you feel great in our shoes!

Bonus: Our packaging is made from primarily recycled material printed on with vegetable based inks and we operate a lean and minimally eco-invasive operation.

Who are the people behind SUNS?

We founded SUNS to promote the little things we can all do to make the world a sunnier place. It’s about remembering the sunlight right behind the rain, and feeling empowered to always give kindness and warmth where we can to help make our world brighter each day. SUNS shoes change color in the sun as a reminder of the power of positivity on our lives. Welcome to SUNS!  
- Jeanette, Lisa, Kaya, Maddie, Karen and Donnie

How do SUNS shoes fit?

We’ve designed all our shoes with a medium fit, otherwise known as a “women’s B” width.  Click here for a handy size conversion chart.

How do I decide what size to order?

If you’re stuck on what size you are we have two suggestions that might help:  1) Stand on the floor with your heel against a wall (we recommend doing this with your socks on). Be sure to stand up straight with your foot flat on the floor. Check that the back of the ruler or measuring tape is in line with the rear-most part of your heel against the wall. Place a ruler or tape measure along the inside edge your foot and write down the measurement in centimeters (cm).  You can now refer to our size chart and find your size based on the length of your foot.  2) If you want to be absolutely sure, have your foot measured with a Brannock Device at a department store or other footwear retailer - preferably one that sells SUNS!

If you aren’t satisfied with the fit of your shoes when you receive them, don’t worry! We want you to love your SUNS, so we offer free returns and exchanges for orders in the US. For more information, see our shipping and returns page.

What is an "elastic gore" and what does it do?

"Gore" is a fancy word for piece of elastic fabric used in a shoe to help it stay on your foot. Many of our styles have an elastic gore that connects the tongue of the shoe to the rest of the upper. This gore allows you to wear the shoe without having to tie the laces. (smart eh?!?) Some people may find the elastic gore uncomfortable as it may place slight pressure on your foot. If you find this to be the case with your SUNS shoes we recommend either using a shoe tree (remember those??) to stretch out the elastic a bit or simply snipping the small piece of elastic off with a pair of scissors. Done!

How long does the color change effect last?

Well, it depends! Your shoes will stay colorful as long as you expose them to sunlight or other UV rays, and the color will last longer out of direct sunlight the longer they’ve been in it. While it can vary by style, most styles will be in full color within a few seconds of exposure to sunlight, and will fade back to their indoor versions in less than a minute of leaving it. Do note that cloudy overcast skies do indeed reduce UV ray strength so in turn the color change won't be as rapid or brilliant.

Because the color change effect is applied via a dye in the fabric and laces, the effect may begin to fade with wear over time. Take good care of your SUNS and they will treat you well but like anything, they won't last forever.

How do I clean my SUNS shoes?

To maintain the brilliant color change effect, we recommend gentle spot cleaning with a damp cloth. Air dry in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Avoid the use of detergents or abrasive cleaning products as they may damage the finish.

Where else can I buy SUNS?

All SUNS shoes are available for purchase right here on our secure ecommerce website. If you’d prefer to shop from another retailer we are proud to also be available at select:

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Size Chart
5 2.5 35 22.5
5.5 3 35.5 23
6 3.5 36 4.5 22 23.5
6.5 4 37 5 22.5 24
7 4.5 37.5 5.5 23 24.3
7.5 5 38 6 23.5 24.8
8 5.5 39 6.5 24 25
8.5 6 39.5 7 24.5 25.5
9 6.5 40 7.5 25 26
9.5 7 40.5 8 25.5 26.5
10 7.5 41 8.5 26 27
11 8.5 42.5 27.5
(note that a kids size 3 is a women's 4.5, and a women's 5 is a kids 3.5)
10-10.5 9 27 18.5
11-11.5 10 28 19
12-12.5 11 30 20
13-13.5 12 31 21
1-1.5 13 32 22
2-2.5 1 33.5 22.5
3 2 34.5 23